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photo of a powered wheelchair

The Permobil M1
A midwheel drive reliable powerchair

A quality solution from Permobil for users who want a traditional rehab style seating system.
Designed for adaptable seating and positioning with a variety of positioning and backest options.
Reliability with the same drive technology as the M3 and F3 powerchairs.
The unique suspension geometry and linear spring design provides a stable chassis,
while the vibration dampening FlexLinkâ„¢ system ensures a smooth ride over a variety of terrains.

photo of a tilted wheelchair
M1 in tilt
photo of a wheelchair motor
With FlexLink suspension
photo of a wheelchair backrest
A variety of backest options

The Permobil M1 with adaptable seating and stable, vibration dampening FlexLink suspension system.

This powerchair is set up for you.
Seat height,width and depth is adjusted for your needs.
So is the backrest, worked out what is best for you.
Footrests, controller length and a bunch of other settings,
will be adjusted to fit to you.
It is runs on R-Net electronics, so again, the chair is set up for your needs.
The specifications depend on you.

A huge range of colours to pick from

photo of a red paint sample

Radiant Red

photo of a pink paint sample

Power Pink

photo of a blue paint sample

Ocean Blue

photo of a orange paint sample

Sunburst Orange

photo of a green paint sample

Galactic Green

photo of a black paint sample

Midnight Black

or even a 3d paint job

photo of a carbon paint sample

Carbon Fibre

photo of an oak paint sample

Mossy Oak

photo of a poly paint sample

CDG Poly