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Permobil M300 Corpus 3G


M300 Corpus 3G is an unusually successful combination of maximum manoeuvrability (Climbing and Traction Link system) and superior performance at an uncommonly reasonable price. With its compact size, the M300 has a tight 20″ turning radius, comes with PG 120 amp R-Net electronics and offers two speed packages–6 MPH standard and 7.5 MPH optional. The 3G has many options including; powered recline, tilt, seat elevation and elevating legrest functions.

Developed along with the original Corpus® designer - Bengt Engström - the Corpus 3G features an ergonomic design that follows the contours of the body.

The seat's width and depth adjustments are indexed and clearly marked for a custom fit, and the adjustable backrest has a strong formed aluminum shell that accommodates virtually all after-market backrests. For added comfort, the seat cushion provides a space for a variety of Ischial inserts and the seat cover is available in both black mesh and leatherette.

A powerful center-mounted actuator offers up to 50° of tilt, and users can recline up to a full 175°. Based on cantilever construction, the armrests feature built-in channels for cable routing, significantly reducing the need for wire tires. The legrests are also redesigned and curved for better support. Plus, the Uni-Track System allows users to easily mount a wide variety of accessories and options to their chairs.


Corpus 3G Specifications


Legrest Elevation
85° — 170°
85° — 170°
Armrest Pad Lengths 10", 13", 16" 260, 335, 410 mm
Seat Widths 17", 19", 21", 23" 420, 470, 520, 570 mm
Seat Depths 14" — 22" 370 — 570 mm
Backrest Heights 20", 23" — 28" 500, 570 — 710 mm
Tilt Options
0° — 50°
-5° — 45°
Recline Options
85° — 175°
85° — 120°


M300 Corpus 3G