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photo of a powerchairF3 Partial Stander

Permobil F3 Partial Stander


In terms of size, the F3 is the" little brother" in our family of front-wheel drive power wheelchairs. Its size and agility let you move quickly in and out of tight spaces like busy city streets and crowded shopping centres... or even compact apartments. The platform has a lower, repositioned center of gravity, which greatly improves stability when driving up and down ramps or inclines. The F3 provides an exceptionally comfortable ride, saving your energy to navigate the obstacles of life.

The Corpus® Seating System comes as standard with all the ergonomic and technological features that have made it the leader in seating and positioning. The gently arced legrest, the open armrest design and the UniTrack support system are just a few of the practical features combined into a sleek and stylish package that neatly follows the contours of the body. There's no need to compromise comfort by choosing a smaller chair the F3 is proof of that.

All Things Corpus

We've retained all the great features you've come to love in the Corpus® Seating System. With power features like 85º-170º elevating legrests, 180º power recline, and 50º of posterior tilt the F3 with Corpus is a perfect fit.




Maximum User Weight 300lbs 136 kg
Maximum Speed 6 mph 10 km/h
Driving Range (1) 13 miles 21 km
Base Width 24" 610 mm
Base Length 36" (40" w/ anti-tippers) 915/1016 mm
Minimum Turning Radius 26.5" 673 mm
Ground Clearance 3" 75 mm
Drive Electronics R-net 120A
Battery Type Group 24 Gel, Group 34 Gel


1 This represents the theoretical driving range when testing the wheelchair according to RESNA WC-2, Section 4. This test is performed under ideal conditions and actual range will vary depending on battery and driving conditions.


Optional Seat Elevator 12" 300 mm
Seat to Floor Height 17.5", 18.5", 19.5" 445, 470, 495 mm
Power Tilt Options 0° - 50° Posterior 5º, 10°, 20° & 30° Anterior
Recline Options 85º-120°  (manual), 85º-180° (power)
Legrest Elevation 85°  - 170°
Armrest Pad Lengths 10", 13", 16" & 18"
Seat Widths 17" - 23" (by 2" increments) 420 - 570 mm
Seat Depths 14" - 22" (by 1" increments) 370 - 570 mm
Backrest Heights 20", 23" - 28" (by 1" incr.) 505, 580-710 mm


These specifications are dependent on the configuration of the wheelchair. For further information not mentioned in this sheet, please refer to the user manual which can be downloaded from the Permobil web site, or contact your local Permobil office. *The range may be reduced if the wheelchair is used frequently on slopes, rough ground or to climb curbs often.