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photo of wheelchair addon

The new SmartDrive MX2+ has more refined features,
improving on a smart idea.

The Smart Drive is a power assist device that will change your life.
Intuitive to use, just push to go, it’s that simple.
To go slow, push slow. To go fast, push fast.
The SmartDrive is like a cruise control and you set the speed by the speed of your push.
You turn using the pushrims, just like normal.

The SmartDrive is lightweight and easy to install.
The system weighs only 5.7kg, and the motor attaches to a hitch on back of the chair.
The SmartDrive fits on almost any wheelchair, including folding chairs.

SmartDrive was created with manual wheelchair users in mind.
The mounting location, the ergonomic handle, the weight, and the OmniWheel were all designed to create a seamless power assist experience.

The SmartDrive MX2+ can power you up steep hills and through thick carpet. It’s easy to use and will go for ages on a single charge.

photo of e2 controller

PushTracker E2

SmartDrive offers a range of controls and activity-tracking technology
to deliver a seamless power assist experience that may reduce repetitive stress.
Paired with the latest updates to the PushTracker E2 and SwitchControl,
SmartDrive offers added flexibility, convenience and control options to empower your active lifestyle.

The new way to control your SmartDrive, the PushTracker E2.

photo of original controller

The Original PushTracker

The original PushTracker is still available to control your MX2+.
It can be paired to the phone application, but does not have to be.
It uses bluetooth and tap gestures to control the SmartDrive.
SwitchControl can still be used also.
It all can be used the way that suits you best.

photo of the switch controller

The Switch Controller

SwitchControl is a no charge option included with every SmartDrive.
SwitchControl can be used in combination with the original PushTracker, PushTracker E2 or by itself.
With the push of a button SmartDrive can be engaged for a momentary burst of power or
activated in latched mode for constant power over extended distances.