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The Glide Smooth Series of Manual Wheelchairs
Australian made by an Australian Company

photo of a manual wheelchair

A Quality Manual Wheelchair

The Glide Smooth is a series of wheelchairs based on the Glide G1 Standard.
All the wheelchairs are set up to suit the users needs and requirements.

photo of a manual wheelchair The SmoothGlide Amputee Wheelchair
Built with an increased wheelbase width, creating a better balanced,
more stable chair to offset the imbalance created due to a missing limb.

photo of a transit wheelchair The SmoothGlide Transit Wheelchair
The SmoothGlide Transit chair is designed for maximum mobility.
The Transit’s short wheelbase and small rear wheels enables the carer to easily navigate
tight areas such as hallways and rooms.

photo of a manual wheelchair The SmoothGlide Bush Wheelchair
The SmoothGlide Bush chair features additional reinforcement and features making it at home in rough remote areas.
It also has BMX tyres as standard.

photo of a manual wheelchair The SmoothGlide One Arm Wheelchair
Designed for users who have a missing or inoperable arm, this chair has a drive system that allows users to propel,
brake and steer the Glide from a single side of the chair.
It has a twin push rim system mounted on one wheel, and a collapsible concertina drive shaft to allow easy storage and transport.


  • 100kg user weight
  • chair weight 14.7kg
  • seat width, selectable - 370, 400, 430, 460, 490, 520 mm
  • seat depth, selectable - 370, 400, 430, 460, 490, 520 mm
  • 610mm rear wheels, pneumatic or solid tyres
  • 175mm solid front castors
  • aluminium frame
  • full length armrests
  • swing away leg rests
  • push on brakes

Huge choice of colours available:

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Outback Red
a red button
Merlot Red
a red button
Firestorm Red
a pink button
Fluro Pink
a purple button
Vivid Orchid
a green button
Mist Green
a green button
Acid Green
a green button
Emerald Green
a yellow button
Neon Yellow
a yellow button
a blue button
Horizon Blue
a blue button
Electric Blue
a blue button
Island Blue
a silver button
Silver Shadow
an orange button
Samurai Sunset
a black button
Textured Black
a black button
Black Onyx
a black button
Gloss Black
a white button

Available Documents:

drawing of a book The Glide User Manual