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The Hippocampe All Terrain Beach Chair

photo of a beach wheelchair

An all terrain wheelchair designed for the beach


  • An anodized aluminum tube frame ( treated for marine environments )
    sheathed in a neoprene foam to stop the tube from heating in the sun.
  • The seat is made of closed-cell water-resistant foam ( it does not absorb water when immersed ).
  • A low-pressure front tyre.
  • Dual all terrain rear wheels.
  • Stainless steel seawater resistant chassis.
  • Stainless steel wheel axles to remove the need for ball bearings.
  • A removable anodized aluminium push bar.
  • Non-flammable fabric.

Comes in four sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra Large
small up to 140cm
medium up to 165cm
large up to 185cm
extra large over 185cm

photo of the wheelchair folded

The Hippocampe can be folded down for transport.
There is also an optional travel bag it can be put into.

Options can include:

photo of a travel bag Travel Bag that doubles as a Backrest Bag photo of a backrest bag
photo of a set of wheelchair brakes Stainless Steel Brakes
photo of a wheelchair headrest An Adjustable Headrest
photo of a set of safety harness Safety Harness
photo of a set of wheelchair armrests Hippocampe Armrests
photo of a set of a backrest Adjustable Backrest, change the height and tilt of the backrest
photo of a set of balloon tyres Balloon Tyres
contact us for more options

Colours Available:

a blue wheelchair
a pink wheelchair

The Hippocampe is approved by National Disability Insurance Scheme.
NDIS approvial number #4050011080

Available Documents:

drawing of a book Hippocampe Brochure