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The Permobil FreeWheel

photo of wheelchair addon
The FreeWheel attaches to the front of your wheelchair,
and makes traveling over grass or gravel a lot easier.
A FreeWheel and a SmartDrive attached to your wheelchair
makes outdoor travel a breeze.


photo of wheelchair addon
The ADAPTOR for folding wheelchairs securely clamps onto the
horizontal side tubing of your chair. Once set up for your chair,
it comes on and off in seconds, making it easy to use.
A standard FreeWheel attaches to the “hitch" out front instead of the footrest.

photo of wheelchair addon
The RACK Carry allows you to carry groceries or luggage.
It measures 380mm x 510mm and weighs just 0.5 kg and
plugs in to sockets that are attached to your wheelchair frame.